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Hey fellow Diemmers,

This is a further platform test. This time, a news aggregator with simple comment section. I am searching for a shared blackboard to post articles and get the latest news + discussion topics.

For all who dont know the principle of News/Link-Aggregators; You post a link to an article or a blog-post and can comment on it. The post can be upvoted, and in this way gets to the top of the news list. An algorithm makes sure, that after a certain time, new articles replace the old ones. In this way important (much liked) posts stay visible while not-liked articles disappear faster.

Of course this overlaps a bit with a full fledged forum, but otherwise it provides a place to post daily news items or certain links about your current interests and comment on them, without the fear of cluttering mail accounts of others.

The attempt is to create something like a crowdsourced daily news-site, with interesting articles, blog posts, and information about local initatives provided by and for us.

So if you like to get invited, click login, and request an invite, i will get you in :) (when you have to put in a verfication website, just put anything with http://, i will add you anyway.)

Lets try it out.

greetings, d


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    good, test, works.