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    That is actually a great idea. It’s indeed not the problem that some people are selected, but rather that they “lead” the initiatives and “select” all the others. I think it would be a great solution to have NC/RC members team up, though at the same time this would be a disadvantage for members living in places without NC/RC. In principle, I therefore still think an “open call” would be most suitable, because it offers a fair opportunity to all.

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      i agree that the european comms team should be filled up with in some way accountable positions. Perhaps it makes sense to connect this question to the now emerging Provisional National/Regional Committees. If every Regional Committee (that is voted on in some way..) had one/two roles, clearly defined as Comms-Persons, the european com-group could be made up of these RC Members + the comms people of the CC. (i dont mind so much that the CC selects its own comms people, but it would be a problem if they would stay alone..:) best,